Caracara Brewing Company is the culmination of a love of brewing and the years of experience of a seasoned brewer. We are obsessed with beer and bringing you the well-crafted beer that will make you and us proud.

We can't wait to enjoy a pint with you. Cheers!


The philosophy is simple: make amazing beer and serve it in an amazing place.  

We have traveled the world, and know what great beer should taste like.

Also while traveling, we have determined the style of brewery that fits us.  By creating a "Mom & Pop" brewpub in a historic building in Lockhart, we think that we've nailed it.


At Caracara, we take it as a challenge to make beer for everyone.  Even if you think you don't like beer, we have something for you. 


Left-Brain Beers:We have your IPAs, Blondes, Belgian and German beers.  


Right-Brain Beers:We also offer braggots (honey beers), tea beers, fruit beers, and other versions of our left-brain beers


We strive to bring you a local product.  We use the highest quality ingredients to make the highest quality beer possible.

In the future, much of our barley will be from Texas and the honey we use is local as well.


It was during a study abroad trip through Europe that Mike Mann discovered what an amazing beer could taste like.  He immediately began brewing when he got stateside.  While working towards his bachelor's degree in Radio-Television-Film at The University of Texas, Mike would brew for friends' parties and weddings.  It was always a hit!

Several years later, Mike joined up with BioWare Co-Founder Greg Zeschuk to create The Beer Diaries, a show all about craft beer and the culture that supports and drinks it.  After producing many hours of content and visiting numerous breweries of all types, both Mann and Zeschuk decided it was time for them to put The Beer Diaries on hiatus, and build their own breweries.  Zeschuk's is in his native Edmonton, and Mike chose to place his in "The BBQ Capital of Texas", Lockhart, Texas


Monday: 3pm - Midnight


Wednesday: 3pm - Midnight

Thursday: 3pm - Midnight

Friday: Noon - Midnight

Saturday: 11:30 am-Midnight

Sunday: Noon-10pm